Near a natural waterfall, halfway between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC sits a little yellow house , that in the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh's "Studio of the South" dream, serves as home and studio to Artists, where art is created, stories are told, gardens are grown , dogs sleep, berries are picked, soup is made, coffee is sipped, dreams are dreamt, and everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Valentine for a Fool

"Aren't we all fools for love at one time or another." -Deb Massa

Each “Valentine” is an open-ended exploration, undertaken with a blend of spontaneity and careful analysis. It is my hope that in the end, the valentine has a certain clarity and integrity that invokes contemplation. Every piece in this series is created by first taking a stretched canvas and flipping it over-I like to refer to this as “exposing the under belly of the art world”. Then a light molding paste is applied. Next paint, liquid metals and found objects are added. Gouging, scraping and the use of solvents are all important to my process.
This painting is comprised of acrylic mediums and metallic surfacers. Even though Metallic Surfacers look and apply just like acrylic paint, they are very different in that they contain real metal not pigment or the mica flakes commonly used in other “metallic paints”. Rather, they are an ingenious blend of finely ground metal flakes (copper, bronze, iron, steel, aluminum) in an acrylic binder that creates the look and durability of a true metal surface. Once a surface is coated with an Iron Metallic Surfacer for example, a magnet will stick to the “painted” surface.
-deb massa
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