Near a natural waterfall, halfway between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC sits a little yellow house , that in the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh's "Studio of the South" dream, serves as home and studio to Artists, where art is created, stories are told, gardens are grown , dogs sleep, berries are picked, soup is made, coffee is sipped, dreams are dreamt, and everyone is welcome.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Art and the Urvashi Vaid Connection

April 25, 1993, during the March on Washington, Urvashi Vaid ended her speech by saying,

"We stand for freedom as we have yet to know it, and we will not be denied."

Those words still give me chills.

In 2007  I created a series of paintings titled "American Freedoms Diet" all inspired by the impression her speech had on me. I called Urv last year after she saw one of the pieces and emailed me. We spoke for over an hour about many things.

All this still makes the small hairs on my body stand at attention.
- Deb Massa

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