Near a natural waterfall, halfway between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC sits a little yellow house , that in the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh's "Studio of the South" dream, serves as home and studio to Artists, where art is created, stories are told, gardens are grown , dogs sleep, berries are picked, soup is made, coffee is sipped, dreams are dreamt, and everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Study of a Face

This is one face in a current series of expressionist portraits by Deb Massa.
"In the same way that an actor becomes immersed in a character in a play, I am absorbed by the painting. I summon up furious energy during the painting’s execution, moving noisily around the room, standing back and then rushing up, and like darts or writing on a blackboard, I fairly brutally try the next throw or cancel the previous one."
- deb massa
mixed media on linen
SOLD 12/09/2009

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