Near a natural waterfall, halfway between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC sits a little yellow house , that in the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh's "Studio of the South" dream, serves as home and studio to Artists, where art is created, stories are told, gardens are grown , dogs sleep, berries are picked, soup is made, coffee is sipped, dreams are dreamt, and everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Face du Jour 2

When visitors wander the studio they tend to be drawn to my paintings of large faces. When creating these works I lay down fresh marks into just made marks, creating marbled blends of color. Often I add words, either obviously or subliminally. I'd like to think these features are what draw attention but-The head alone has an iconic almost postage stamp or money-like authority that commands attention.

::Deb Massa::

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